Foreign Exchange Certificates


Foreign visitors to the country were not allowed to own the local kyat currency.
All services and purchased goods had to be payed, in hard currency, like U.S. dollars.
The minimum exchange amounted to U.S. $ 200 in convertible currencies,
because of the persistent shortage of foreign exchange.
A certain amount in convertible currencies had to be exchanged in this "Foreign Exchange Certificates"
at the entry in the country. This at a fixed price from the state. A redemption of unused FEC was not possible.
The government-specified price was of course much worse than in non-official bodies such as the black market.

In August 2003, the exchange-compulsion was abolished, and virtually thus the existence of the FEC.


This * Foreign Exchange Certificates * were issued in the following four denominations:

These are available with and without security strips !


P.FX1 1 Dollar ND(1993)
P.FX2 5 Dollars ND(1993)
P.FX3 10 Dollars ND(1993)
P.FX4 20 Dollars ND(1997)
The text on the back of each certificate:
This certificate can only used within
the Union of Myanmar and is convertible.
No claim on any loss whatsoever of the
certificate will be considered by the Central
Bank of Myanmar.