The Tep banknotes are banknotes of Burma's Shan National Army of Tailand.
1964 - 1965 under General Sao Kham.

The Shan States lie in eastern Burma along the border with Thailand, China and Laos.
The Tai are ethnically related to the Thais and Laotians.

There are three issues, of the National Army of Shan, of Government of Tailand:

P. S101
P. S102
P. S103

 1 Tep

5 Tep

10 Tep


On each front page is to see:

Coat of arms of the Shan National Army
Writing in local Thai language
Coat of arms of the government of Tailand


P. S101 1 Tep

Workers - Factory - Tools


P. S102 5 Tep

Tractor - Timber transport - Landscape


P. S103 10 Tep

Ambulance - Hospital - Doctor with patient