On this page I want to introduce some of Burma's specimen.

I dare to be able to say, that from the Myanmar banknotes, during the colonial period
and the occupation by Great Britain, there is no specimen,
because this is printed on banknotes from India.
Consequently, the only specimen of such notes in the original notes will be found in India.

The situation is different in the banknotes during the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1944.
Since there is a specimen of the banknotes, issued by the Japanese government,
as well as the notes of the "Burma State Bank" wich were issued under the Japanese Puppet State (ND1944)



P-15bs / 5 Rupees / ND (1944)



P-18s1 / 1 Kyat / ND (1944)



P-19S / 5 Kyats / ND (1944)




P-21s1 / 100 Kyats / ND (16.1.1944)

Own banknote with an English imprint

Specimen with a Japanese imprint



P-36S / 10 Rupees



P-37S / 100 Rupees / Rangoon 1.1.1948 (1950)