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5,000 Kyats: New Currency Note Version

Myanmar Time-8:33PM, September 28. 2014


A new version of the 5,000 kyats note will be out in circulation on October 1,
the Central Bank announced in a statement on Thursday evening.
The old version of the note, which was released in October 2009, will continue to be in circulation,
the statement added. The new version includes a better security thread, water letter and varnish layer,
to ensure higher security against counterfeiting. The new note has a larger security thread and different colors.
The watermark figure has also changed. It also features a varnish covering to make it long lasting.

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10.000 Kyat Banknote

The Central Bank of Myanmar Thursday announced it would put larger-value denomination
of currency notes of 10,000 Kyats into circulation starting on June 15,
while keeping all other existing currency notes and coins as legal tender.

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